Big men with big hearts — a tender scene at Safeco

SophiaSeagerSometimes there are days and scenes that remind us there are more important things going on than just baseball games and wins and losses. And yesterday was one of those at Safeco Field, when Sophia Robinson and her family came to meet some Mariners.

Sophia is a 4-year-old with a heart disease and the Make-A-Wish program set up a pregame gathering at Safeco Field so she and her family could hang out with some players as they prepared for the evening’s game with the Astros.

Of course, when it came to actually talking to players, Sophia — like most 4-year-olds — turned shy and and clung to her parents. Or played in the dirt on the first base line. So Felix Hernandez, who is great with kids, simply got down and played in the dirt with her.


It was a cool scene and it played out again after Felix left and Michael Morse came along and then Kyle Seager. Morse, all 6-foot-5, 245 pounds of him, made friends with Sophia as well and Seager — who had a heart condition of his own as a child — spent a long time talking to the parents (pictured above).

Best of all, to me, was the fact the players got down to Sophia’s level and found a connection. It was a great reminder that we’re all in this together.

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The Mariners organization is incredible!!

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