Raul racks up one of best months ever at age 41

IbanezMugHow good was June for Raul Ibanez? Good enough that Barry Bonds is the only player older than him to lead a team in home runs and RBIs in the same month since 1993.

Ibanez, 41, led the Mariners with 10 home runs and 22 RBIs in his torrid June. The 10 home runs equaled his personal high for a month, having also reached double digits in May 2009 while with the Phillies.

He became the first Mariner to hit 10 home runs in a month since Edgar Martinez in May 2003. The only American League player with more home runs in June was Baltimore’s Chris Davis with 12.

So Ibanez was red-hot for a player of any age. But a guy at 41? He became the oldest American League player to lead his team in both home runs and RBIs in a month since Dave Winfield topped the Twins in both categories in 1993 at 41.

The only older player in either league to do better since 1993 was Bonds, who led the Giants in home runs (8) and RBIs (17) at the age of 42 in April 2007.

Ibanez heads into July batting .246 with 19 home runs and 45 RBIs in 243 at-bats over 61 games. Not bad for a guy who figured to be a part-time platoon player when he signed with Seattle for one year at $2.75 million.

Ibanez hit .240 with 19 home runs with 62 RBIs in 425 at-bats over 130 games last year with the Yankees.

His 19 home runs already ranks sixth all-time among Major Leaguers aged 41 or older. Winfield is fifth on the list with 21 in 1993 at 41. Darrell Evans hit 22 for the Tigers in 1988 at 41, Bonds hit 26 at age 41 in ’06 and 28 at age 42 in ’07.

The all-time leader is Ted Williams, who hit 29 bombs at age 41 in 1960 for the Red Sox. If Ibanez can hit 11 more in the final three months, he will break that mark.

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Hey Mr. Johns, what happened to Carraway and how come we don’t get to see your articles anymore?

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