Struggling Morse sits out series finale in Texas

Right fielder Michael Morse got the day off on Sunday as acting manager Robby Thompson gave Endy Chavez the start in the series finale against the Rangers.

Thompson is looking to give the big slugger time to regroup after a rough couple weeks.

Morse has hit just .161 (9-for-56) in 14 games since coming off the disabled list following a month-long issue with a strained hamstring. He’s 2-for-16 on the current road trip.

Thompson said opposing pitchers have found a weakness in Morse’s swing and are going to continue hammering away at that until he adjusts.

“They’re pounding him in,” Thompson said. “A lot of those balls he’s getting jammed on are actually balls. I think they’re off the plate, in. So if he lays off those or can pull them foul with authority, then maybe they’ll stay away from trying to get in there. But right now, he does need to make the adjustment in there or they’re just going to continue pounding him.

“He knows that and [hitting coach] Dave Hansen and he are looking at film, trying to get him going. They’re doing all the work in the cage and pregame work. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before he can kind of get back to where he was earlier in the season before he got hurt.”

Morse got off to a strong start this season, hitting .248 with nine home runs with 14 RBIs in his first 25 games. But a broken finger and subsequent hamstring issue took away that momentum and he’s hit .222 with three homers and 12 RBIs in 45 games since.

“Each time he steps up to the plate, you’re thinking big things can happen,” Thompson said. “It just hasn’t happened of late .So he’ll get the day off today and we’ll see where he’s at tomorrow.”


Looks like Morse is playing himself out of a contract with the Mariners next year. I think there are many teams in the AL that can use a DH like Morse, but if the Mariners re-sign Morales there just isn’t room for Morse.

There shouldn’t be any traffic jam in the outfield. Morse and Ibanez have no business in the starting lineup in the outfield: They are dh/1B; very poor MLB outfielders. The starting outfield should be Saunders/Ackley/Gutierrez (or Chavez). Fans shouldn’t be expected to pay MLB ticket prices to see bad baseball just because the mariner roster is poorly constructed, ie, the mariners have four 1B/DH on the roster.

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