Rain shouldn’t affect postgame fireworks show

Milwaukee Brewers v Seattle MarinersTonight is Fan Appreciation Night at Safeco Field, but it remains to be seen how appreciative Mother Nature plans to be as rain is in the forecast for most of Friday in Seattle. But the Mariners are making it known that the post-game fireworks display will go on, unless there is an unexpectedly heavy downpour and/or sustained winds of 25-35 mph when it’s time to light things up.

Even if the roof is closed for the 7:10 p.m. game against the A’s, as I’m guessing it will be at this point, two of the three panels will be rolled open after the game in order to allow for the fireworks show to take place as planned.

Roof Panel 1, which covers all seats along the third-base line, will remain closed in that scenario. Since the other two panels will open, fans seated in other areas of the park should prepare to get wet if they stay for the postgame show, or they can relocate to different areas of the park before the fireworks begin.

The fireworks will start about 20 minutes after the final out. During the set-up period, a new Ford C-MAX will be given away to one fan as the grand finale of the night’s Fan Appreciation prizes.

Safeco never hosted fireworks shows until this year, but the Mariners worked out an agreement with the City of Seattle to do more pyrotechnics this season and this will be the third show. The first two were about 15 minutes each and set to music and video on the new Safeco scoreboard and were very well done. So if you are attending tonight, it’ll be worth the wait — and weather — if you have a chance to stick around.

Felix Hernandez is making his final start, so King’s Court will be in session as well. So Felix, Fan Appreciation Night and fireworks. Should make for a fun Friday night.

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