Lincecum thought about M’s, but time not right

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles DodgersTim Lincecum officially signed his two-year, $35 million contract extension with the Giants on Friday, as reported here by’s Cash Kruth.

And while most of Friday’s press conference in San Francisco was naturally focused on Lincecum and his decision to remain with the same club he’s played with for all seven of his Major League seasons, a question was asked about whether the Northwest native had thought about being courted by the Mariners in free agency and if he pondered playing for his hometown team.

“I did, I did,” LIncecum said. “Home is always going to be home to me and maybe I’ll look at that route later on in life as a professional place, but personally I wasn’t ready for that kind of jump.

“I always kind of looked at the Mariners as an opportunity to go home and play for a hometown team. Obviously, I went to UW and grew up in Renton, but [that’s a possibility] later on in the career. Right now I’m just focused on being as good as I can be and I feel like I’m at the age where I make those decisions and act upon them.”

While there was some early speculation that the Mariners might be interested this offseason in the pitcher they passed over in the first round of the 2006 Draft, they never had a chance to pursue Lincecum as he re-upped with the Giants before the free agency period even began.

Unsigned veterans become free agents immediately after the final game of the World Series and their own teams then have five days of exclusive negotating rights before other teams can sign them.

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