Here’s a list of team presidents around MLB

83rd MLB All-Star GameAs the Mariners narrow their search for a replacement for team president Chuck Armstrong, the question has been raised as to whether the club should hire a “baseball guy” to fill the position and Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa (pictured) has made it known he’d be interested.

It doesn’t appear the Mariners are headed down that path, as I reported in this story today on And the reaction of many fans, understandably, is why would you overlook a guy like La Russa?

I’m not going to argue for or against La Russa, but I will present one thing most fans haven’t seen when they ask “Why don’t you hire a baseball guy to run the team?”

Below is a list of the team presidents around Major League Baseball. These generally aren’t household baseball names, for the simple reason that team presidents oversee finances and marketing and sales and legal departments and almost every team in baseball separates those from baseball operations and rely on their GM and baseball ops folks to make the baseball decisions and then present them to the team president and ultimately ownership for approval, if the size of the contracts warrant such input.

Certainly a case could be made that a guy like La Russa would bring another wise baseball mind to any organization, much like Nolan Ryan did with the Rangers. Though it should also be noted that Ryan stepped down last season amid a power struggle in the Texas organization. And otherwise, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another former MLB manager or player among the current list of team presidents or guys holding that type of position.

Would La Russa work out as a team president? I have no idea, though I suspect he’d make a lot more sense as a general manager in charge of baseball operations if he indeed wants to get into a baseball front office. But one thing I do know. The typical MLB team president certainly isn’t a “baseball guy” or a big fan-familiar name, whether you’re talking about the Yankees or the Rays or A’s. Here’s the full list:

Orioles: John Angelos, executive vice president
Red Sox: Larry Lucchino, president/CEO
White Sox: Howard Pizer, sr. executive VP and Kenny Williams, executive VP of baseball operations
Indians: Mark Shapiro, president
Tigers: David Dombrowski, president and GM
Astros: Reid Ryan, president business operations
Royals: Dan Glass, president
Angels: John Carpino, president
Twins: Dave St. Peter, president
Yankees: Randy Levine, president
Athletics: Mike Crowley, president
Mariners: Chuck Armstrong, president
Rays: Matt Silverman, president
Rangers: Jon Daniels, president and GM
Blue Jays: Paul Beeston, president and CEO

Diamondbacks: Derrick Hall, president and CEO
Braves: John Schuerholtz, president
Cubs: Crane Kenney, president; and Theo Epstein, president baseball ops
Reds: Robert Castellini, president and CEO
Rockies: Dan O’Dowd, executive VP of baseball and GM; and Greg Feasel, executive VP of business.
Dodgers: Stan Kasten, president and CEO
Marlins: David Samson, president
Brewers: Doug Melvin, president of baseball ops and GM; and Rick Schlesinger, chief operating officer
Mets: Jeff Wilpon, chief operating officer
Phillies: David Montgomery, general partner and president
Pirates: Frank Coonelly, president
Cardinals: Bill DeWitt, president
Padres: Mike Dee, president and CEO
Giants: Larry Baer, president and CEO
Nationals: Mike Rizzo, president of baseball ops; and Alan Gottlieb, chief operating officer

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You make a valid point. I am with the fans and feel that there is a need for a new vision. This team has been in rut for a long time and during that time there has been countless line-up changes with little or no affect. There needs to be a new leader in the front office and not another yes man for Howard to push around.

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