Some Saturday observations from McClendon

McClendon bubble

Skipper Lloyd McClendon had some interesting observations on a couple topics this morning.

On D.J. Peterson getting another look today with his first start in Cactus League play: “Get his feet wet a little bit.  It’s an opportunity to show what he can do. It’s highly … this kid isn’t going to make the club. But it’s not bad to get kids over here. Marte is a pretty exciting young man. Another kid, Smith, Blash, we’ve got some talent over there. Let’s get ‘em over here and see what they can do.”

On whether Nick Franklin or Brad Miller are separating themselves in the shortstop battle to date: “No, I’d say they’re quite equal.”

On whether the team’s outfield defense will be okay with questions regarding the mobility of Corey Hart and Logan Morrison (who could play some outfield later this spring): “I don’t know if I can answer that now, but as far as concerns, it can’t be any worse than it was last year. We had a horrible defensive outfield last year. I think we have options that will make it better this year. That’s all I can tell you. I can’t tell you my thought process, that wouldn’t be fair. I will say this. It will be better.”

On Abraham Almonte, who continues getting the majority of starts at center field and in the leadoff role: “I like the total package. Switch hitter, gives you speed on the bases, can score from first, he’s got some pop. Andy (Van Slyke) has done a nice job with him in the outfield. You can see the improvement and his movement laterally. The total package is pretty good.”

On Robinson Cano, who is at the Mariners facility today as he recovers from the root canal surgery he had on Wednesday, though he’s not playing for a third straight day: “He’s still a little swollen, a little drugged up. He’s better. My guess is there’s an outside chance he’ll play tomorrow. I doubt it. More than likely he’ll do a light workout and some biking and stuff like that and swing sin the cage. But we’ll see how he’s feeling. I’m leaning toward (Monday), but we’ll see how the next 24 hours go.”

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