Bloomquist awaiting word on injured knee

Bloomquist catch

Mariners utility man Willie Bloomquist is awaiting word from a knee specialist after seeking a second opinion on his injured right leg, but the veteran infielder said he’s not anywhere close to returning after two weeks on the disabled list.

Bloomquist injured his right knee when stretching for the bag with his left leg while trying to beat out an infield single on July 23. The fact it was his back leg that got hurt on that play is just part of what has turned into a frustrating situation for the 36-year-old veteran.

“It was the other knee,” Bloomquist said. “That’s what made it even that much more puzzling. It has gotten better. I’m walking significantly better, but to even mention the word ‘jog’ or ‘run’ just hurts, so obviously something isn’t right.

“It’s not progressing the way it should be if it was just something very minor. The MRI didn’t show a ton wrong with it, other than wear and tear and some mileage. But there’s obviously something else going on. Once I get the results, I’ll move forward with Plan B.”

Bloomquist declined to get into the possibilities, but clearly his future is in jeopardy for the remainder of this season if anything more than a simple arthroscopic procedure is required.

“I’ve had both my knees cleaned out [in the past] and one was more significant. I had microfracture surgery on my left knee five years ago now. This is the opposite knee. I’ve been feeling great until this. So I’m not sure. We have an idea of what we’re going to do, but I want to wait until I get this guy’s opinion before I proceed.”

Bloomquist signed a two-year contract as a free agent last winter that pays him $2.8 million this year and $3 million in 2015. The move brought Bloomquist back to the franchise that drafted him, the team he played his first seven seasons in the Majors and to the region where he grew up in Bremerton, Wash.

To get hurt now, with the club competing for a playoff berth, is a blow Bloomquist is trying to swallow.

“It’s awfully frustrating, just due to the position we’re in as a team, the fact I was finally starting to feel pretty decent at the plate, swinging the bat pretty well,” he said. “But more than anything, this is the situation I’d always hoped for in a Mariners uniform, being in a pennant race, coming down to the stretch run and being a big part of it.

“So to have the rug pulled out from under me a little on that, for me personally it’s frustrating. And I also feel an obligation to my teammates to be on the field if I can. Right now I just can’t, so in a sense I feel like I’m letting them down a little. But on the other hand, I’m not going to sit here and let my sorrows bring what’s going on around here down because we’ve got a good thing going.

“I’m trying to be positive and help these guys along. If I see something that can help out, I’ll speak my opinion. There’s ways you can be positive and help the team even in the situation I’m in, so that’s what I’ve got to try to do.”

Bloomquist has hit .278 in 47 games for the Mariners while starting games at first, second, shortstop, third base, left field and designated hitter.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Willie’s season is done. He’s been a pleasant surprise off the bench. Willie has certainly played better than Nick Punto, whom many in the M’s blogosphere wanted in the offseason.

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