Thirteen years later, Bud Selig’s memories of 9/11

SeligCommissioner Bud Selig was at Safeco Field on Wednesday and one of the things he was asked about was his memories of 9/11 when baseball — and most of the world — stopped for a week following the terrorist acts in New York and Washington, D.C.

Since today is the 13th anniversary of that difficult day, it’s interesting to hear his recollections:

“I remember it all too well. We had an owner’s meeting in Milwaukee. That morning was sorrowful. It was stunning. Two things come to mind. I debated long and hard when to come back. I did talk to [NFL commissioner] Paul Tagliabue quite a bit. We came back the following Monday and I was nervous. Oh man, was I nervous. I drove home, had a little dinner and went upstairs and had the television set on. I take seriously the whole social institution. This was so important. I turned on the Cardinal-Brewer game and there was Jack Buck reading a poem that he had written. When he read it, he got an emotional standing ovation. And I cried. I don’t mind telling you that, because I was that nervous. One of the things in the midst of that was should we be here tonight and the crowd roared.

 “I called Jack [the next day] and he was overwhelmed. He’d written that poem on a piece of cardboard. He sent that to me and I have it in my office. It was so emotional. And then of course the World Series in New York. Game 3, I’ve seen a lot of games in my lifetime with a lot of emotion, but I’d never seen anything like that. The crowd chanting USA and President Bush was there. It was so emotional. I kept saying to myself, in our own little way – and little way, I want to be careful there – I hope we helped the nation to recover from an unspeakable tragedy.”

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