McClendon says Cruz hasn’t hit his hot streak yet

Cruz-Lomo-TWNelson Cruz entered Saturday’s play leading the American League in all three Triple Crown categories – home runs, batting average and tied for tops in RBIs – but Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon believes the big right fielder hasn’t even hit his hottest streak yet.

While everyone knew Cruz would bring some needed right-handed power after leading the Majors in home runs with 40 last year for the Orioles, there were questions about how he’d fare with a full season in Safeco Field. Yet he finished the first 35 games of the season with 15 home runs, 30 RBIs and a .358 batting average that is well above his career mark of .268.

CruzStatsMay16“I knew he was this type of hitter,” McClendon said. “I’ve seen him over the years, so nothing he’s doing is surprising me. I knew he was very capable of doing what he’s doing.

“To be truthful, I don’t think he’s gotten hot to the point where it’s just ridiculous,” said McClendon. “He’s grinding at-bats out and getting his hits, he’s going the other way. If they make a mistake, he’ll hit it out. But I’ve seen him to the point where he’ll get hot and hit good pitches out of the ballpark and that hasn’t happened yet.”

Cruz slugged 10 home runs in April when he was the AL Player of the Month. He has five more halfway through May, though only one in nine games going into Saturday.  But Cruz has hit .467 (14-for-30) during an eight-game hitting streak, including the walk-off single in Friday’s 2-1 win over Boston.

The Mariners were just 1-for-20 with runners in scoring position over three games prior to Cruz’s clutch delivery.

“Baseball is crazy,” Cruz said. “You go through slumps and then your swing can click and you get everything done. The good thing is I got it done in that situation. I want to be there in that spot.”

Cruz certainly hasn’t had any slumps of his own in his stunning first six weeks in a Mariners uniform. But his skipper remained steadfast in his belief that things could get better.

“I think home run hitters, when they get hot, they hit home runs in bunches and he hasn’t done that yet,” McClendon said. “His have been spread out.  A few here and a few there. He did have a streak where he hit [six] in five days or something like that, but there’s a big streak in there that hasn’t come out yet.”

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Unquestionably, both Boomstick and the King are outstanding major league ballplayers. But, the Mariner announcers and analysts are way too prone to hyperbole. Last year it was, “Felix is the best pitcher on the planet!” Yet, he didn’t even win the American League Cy Young Award. Recently one of the analysts said, “Nelson Cruz is the best hitter on the planet!” Yet, he has never hit .300 in a season where he’s had enough official plate appearances. And, he’s reached 40 home runs and 100 RBIs just once in his career. Finally, during yesterday’s game, Seattle announcers said Felix and Cruz were the leading candidates for Cy Young and MVP/Triple Crown awards. It’s way too earlier to even think about that – the season is not even 1/4 over. The Mariner broadcast crew needs to dial it back or risk losing any credibility with fair-minded fans.

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